Management philosophy
  • 一 Strive to be a consistently-developing company
  • 一 Take on change
  • 一 Contribute to the world and its people
  • 一 Pursue happiness for employees
Management vision
Contribute to the realization of a sustainable society
Management policy
Create business through IT technology education and contribute to societal development
Course of action
Be a group that values the creation and continued realization of new products, services and mechanisms
The company name "SERAKU" embodies and expresses the underlying philosophy of our company, with our management philosophy at its core. SERAKU is derived from "静楽" (kanji pronounced as “sei” and “raku”). We chose to make "静楽" read as “Seraku” for a more friendly and familiar feel, but the two individual kanji “静” (sei) and “楽” (raku) symbolize our management approach since they originally mean the following.
A kanji made up of two smaller kanji compounds 青+争, ”青” (the kanji for “blue”) expresses water, and “争” (the kanji for “competition”) expresses movement. Even a flow of water similar to that from a stream eventually becomes a great river and goes on to pour into the vast ocean. Such water then becomes known as “静” when it is no longer slowed down by anything, like an ocean. This expresses Seraku’s desire to grow big and strong like an ocean, and like “静”.
This kanji (meaning “ease”) represents a state of well-being and the belief that our relationships with all stakeholders, including shareholders, clients, partners and employees,build a good relationship.
"A drop of water that falls from heaven becomes a stream, and while nurturing the happiness of many, it eventually becomes a great river. The great river pours further into the ocean and establishes itself."
Our company logo also expresses the flow of water and our desire to one day become a big and strong company, like a big river, and eventually, an entity that is not slowed down by anything, like the ocean.


Representative Director
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our shareholders for their continued support.

We would also like to express our deepest sympathies to those who have passed away due to COVID-19 and pray for the earliest possible recovery of those affected, along with an early end to the pandemic.
Our business development
Our business is rooted in tackling social problems through business activities and achieving growth together with society.

The Report on Economic and Fiscal Policy (White Paper on Economic and Fiscal Policy) 2020 pointed out that the delay in digital support exposed by COVID-19 is due to having too many human resources in the IT industry and not nearly enough at user companies and government agencies.

Solving this problem is exactly in line with our mission, which is based on the System Integration (SI) business that supports social development as an infrastructure, and the Digital Transformation (DX) business that solves social problems through innovation. Furthermore, by constantly taking on and accumulating interesting new businesses, we will achieve both stability and growth, and achieve sales of 50 billion yen in the next five years, which is our current milestone.
Business/growth strategy
In the SI business, our engineers are directly responsible for the IT infrastructure operation of client companies, thereby supporting the IT investment of companies. Our SI business has played a part in the introduction of IT in society by producing a large number of IT engineers through in-house education, and has become a pillar of our stable growth in terms of business scale.

Currently, SI engineers are also trying to form long-term careers from multiple perspectives in collaboration with technical education partners. As a result, new needs have been cultivated to address the shortage of human resources at user companies in the DX domain, as pointed out in the White Paper on Economic and Fiscal Policy, and this continues to be the source of our growth.

The DX business creates new value by embodying advanced technology and resources into useful new services as a social problem-solving business.

Currently, our "Midori Cloud" and "Farm Cloud" businesses are evolving not only to utilize data and develop a producer support platform, but also to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of primary industry, and we expect to expand overseas in the future. Further, to realize the growth scenario of our DX business, we are promoting investment in the fields of data science and security, including collaboration with Cloud platformers.
To our shareholders and investors,
We see changes in the environment as an opportunity to advance, and we will continue to take on new businesses while rationally judging business investment risks to improve our corporate value over the medium to long term.

By incorporating sincere management, appropriately allocating dividends in anticipation of the future situation, and taking advantage of business opportunities through investing and tackling challenges without hesitation, we will achieve steady sales and profit growth from a medium- to long-term perspective, and meet the expectations of our shareholders and investors.

The continued support of those who share our growth vision and aspirations is greatly appreciated.


Nurtures IT human resources

SERAKU operates under a unique business model of nurturing IT human resources. We recruits individuals who are inexperienced in the IT industry every month and trains them for two to three months with its proprietary education programs to nurture a number of IT engineers quickly. In addition to this “recruitment and training capabilities,” we have been strengthening its strategy of shifting experienced IT engineers to the areas of DX to increase added value.

Use our own education programs to create experts in new technology domains where markets are growing and there is a shortage of human resources

Education-based IT professional creation

We have trained more than 3,000 engineers operational know-how obtained from participation in highly sophisticated projects

Focusing investments on social issues with the best prospects for growth

Features and Superiority of the Model for creating IT professional based on education

In anticipation of the expansion of growth markets, we have been ahead of the curve in developing human resources.
We have expanded our business by evolving our technical fields and forms of service through the horizontal development of our recruiting, educational, and sales capabilities.
1995 –
  • Started an internet business before the internet became widely used and started training programs for web engineers

    Currently expanding business operations in the digital marketing domain
1997 –
  • Anticipating growth of the web systems domain, started a system development business and training programs for system development engineers

    Currently expanding the System Integration business
2002 –
  • Anticipating growth in demand for IT utilization services at companies, started training programs for IT infrastructure and network engineers

    Currently expanding the System Integration business
2008 –
  • Looking ahead to the widespread use of smartphones and the IoT, started training programs for smart technology engineers

    Currently expanding the Midori Cloud business and other activities in the data science domain
2013 –
  • Looking ahead to the growth of the cloud systems market, started training activities for Salesforce engineers

    The goal is enlarging the customer success solutions business to a workforce of about 500 within three years
2018 –
  • Looking ahead to growth of the DX market, started training programs for robotic process automation, security, data science, verification and other activities
2020 –
  • Looking ahead to growth of the Microsoft platform, started training programs for the Microsoft certifications of at least 200 people every year


By promoting ESG activities, We will strengthen its efforts toward the realization of a sustainable society.
For the three values of environmental response, social contribution, and corporate governance indicated by ESG, we will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs toward the realization of a sustainable society through IT technology by actively implementing initiatives centered on our management philosophy.