APRIL 1, 2005

The SERAKU Corporation Limited (hereinafter called "Our Company") handles a lot of personal information for business characteristics. Our company recognizes that proper protection/ management of consigned personal information is the most important responsibility of our company as the standpoint of engaging net security as a part of business. We shall pursuant to various laws and regulations related to privacy as a matter of course, prepare provisions in our company and try our best for client's faith and ease with consciousness of each employee.

1. Definition of Personal Information

Personal information refers to the information by which an individual is identified by name, date of birth, other description or number assigned to an individual (including data by which an individual is unable to identify only with the information but easily combined to other information and resulted to identify the individual).

2. Case of Obtaining Personal Information

Our company is asking dispatch seeking person the personal information registration in order to perform temporary staffing business upon agreed. There may be the case of keeping the personal information when Web site management work is commissioned by client industries. In that case, the information is used only within the range of commissioned and used only within the range of commissioned business and never used for our company.

3. About Personal Information Disclosure to the Third Party

Our company never provides your personal information to the third party without advanced agreement except the case based on the laws and regulations.

4. About Accident Prevention and Correction

Our company has assigned personal information manager and established management system in order to prevent accidents related to personal information such as unauthorized access to personal information, missing of personal information, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. In addition, various safety actions, such as entering/ leaving business place and for computer system, are taken. In-company emergency systems such as system quick recovery procedures for accident occurrence just in case and emergency contact network are also established. In addition, emergency corresponding manual including contact to the said person has also been prepared.

5. About Regulation Compliance

Our company has prepared [Compliance Program Related to Personal Information Protection] in order to protect personal information. Our company is making effort to protect client's personal information pursuant to this compliance program as well as laws and regulations regarding personal information protection and various guidelines.

6. Continuous Improvement of Compliance Program

Our company performs continuous review and improvement on personal information handling and compliance program corresponding to the change of social situation, technology development and environmental change in order to perform the best protection of personal information always.

7. Utilization Purpose of Commissioned Personal Information

Our company may treat with personal information for the following commissioned business. There may be the case of keeping personal information data from business commissioning end went with system development commissioning business, (1) in order to perform maintenance management for system operation, and (2) for client's CRM activity at campaign commissioning business derived from system development commissioning business.
At the business commissioning, personal information to be handled will never be used by our company for the purpose other than the commissioning business.

8. About Requesting the Disclosure (disclosure, correction, deletion, utilization, provision halt, etc.) of Personal Information ([Retained Personal Data] in Personal Information Protection Law).

Regarding your personal information which our company is keeping, you could request disclosure, correction, deletion, utilization, provision halt, etc. When you request those, download Personal Information Disclosure Request Sheet and send it to the following personal information Contact desk upon filling out all necessary items, enclose a copy of health insurance card. If your representative could request, enclose a document stating that you are the representative in addition to the above documents. The personal information sent will be retained for one year after replay and will be discarded later on.

In Case of Changing Dispatch Registration Information

When you changed registered information you have registered, please inform each formulation department over electronic mail.

[Retained Personal Data] refers to;

the personal information placed under the status where sorting is possible easily by anyone by putting table of contents, indices, code, etc., in order to make easy sorting systematically configured personal information sortable with a computer or arrange and classify personal information processed on the paper according to a certain rule for which our company has the authority of corresponding all of disclosure, contents correction, addition or deletion, usage suspension, elimination, or stop provision to the third party.

9.Inquires about handling of personal information

Please send any questions or concerns you may have about handling of personal information to our inquiry counter below.

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