SERAKU increase initiatives for achieving a sustainable society
through the provision of IT technical services.


ESG Management
持続可能な社会の実現に貢献する 持続可能な社会の実現に貢献する

Since its inception, the SERAKU Group has been dedicated to the management vision of “contributing to the creation of a sustainable society.” Through the years, the group has used IT education programs to create businesses and play a role in the advancement of society. The group’s management philosophy has four core elements: become a company that can grow and progress forever; take on the challenge of bringing about change; help create a better future for the world and the people of the world; and ensure the happiness of all employees. Guided by this philosophy, the SERAKU Group is taking many actions concerning the three values of ESG.

Use IT innovation to play a role in reducing the environmental impact and maintaining the stability of food production. To establish a society that recycles resources, we conserve energy and reuse and recycle materials as much as possible with regard to our services and workplace environments.
We use IT to increase the value of industries by enabling the safe operation of a broad range of systems. In addition, we give people skills to be successful in today’s highly advanced IT-dependent society and make IT knowledge accessible to a large number of people. Through these activities, we are determined to remain a company that is a vital member of society.
We give everyone equal opportunities regardless of age, gender, nationality and other characteristics in order to benefit from a diverse workforce. We have a rigorous compliance framework for highly transparent management in order to remain a company that can earn the trust of the public.
Dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals

The SERAKU Group operates businesses that are vital to society regarding IT infrastructures and in other ways. Our activities drive innovation involving AI, the IoT and other leading-edge fields of technology. We are committed to using our IT capabilities for SDG progress in order to achieve a sustainable society.

*The Sustainable Development Goals were established at a UN summit meeting in September 2015. The 193 countries of the United Nations are committed to accomplishing these goals during the 15-year period from 2016 to 2030.


SERAKU’s ESG and SDG involvement

The SERAKU Group uses ESG activities to build a sound base for the group’s long-term growth and, as a social value creation organization, to increase initiatives for achieving a sustainable society.

IT Infrastructure Business

This business ensures the safe operation of IT systems by building and operating a sound IT infrastructure. These activities contribute to sustainable progress in today’s information-dependent society. Furthermore, this business develops the skills of people by hiring people with no IT experience and training them by using an innovative program. Conducting these activities creates jobs for young people and helps resolve the shortage of highly skilled IT professionals.

Web Services Business

The main activities are providing web technologies to customers and creating new social frameworks that utilize digital technologies. Job creation for young people and technology education programs are key elements of this business, which aims to establish web systems with strong lines of communication among people, society and companies.

Information Security Business

To protect the core IT infrastructures of clients, this business operates a 24-hour/365-day Security Operations Center that combats the threat posed by the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats. Providing these services contributes to the safety of society by maintaining powerful and sustainable IT security. This business has received ISO27001 certification for information system management systems.

Business Intelligence/RPA Business

By using business intelligence, robotic process automation, management automation and other IT tools, this business encompasses a full line of services extending from consulting for starting to use IT systems to assistance for the effective utilization of these systems. Using IT for optimization and automation makes decision-making more efficient, boosts business process productivity and produces other improvements. These advances can contribute to working style reforms throughout society.

IoT/AI/Data Science Business

This business contributes to constant technology innovation and progress by using the collection and analysis of data for the discovery of new value. Joint research with academic institutions is one facet of operations. Utilizing data for the development of next-generation healthcare services is a new element of this business. All of these operations have the goal of creating solutions that help improve people’s lives.

Agricultural IT Business

This business uses the Midori Cloud agricultural IoT service to invigorate a primary industry and build a food value chain. Another activity is the Midori Market food and agriculture distribution data platform for the reliability of food supplies and reduction of food loss. These services increase industrial value, lower the environmental impact and support the development of the next generation of agricultural professionals.

Mechanical Design Business (P’s Engineering)

P’s Engineering is an education-based professional creation company in the field of mechanical design and engineering. This business creates jobs and provides an opportunity for education to people with no experience in this field. Furthermore, utilization of the SERAKU Group’s knowledge and resources makes it possible to train people with a diverse range of skills encompassing IT, the IoT, AI and other advanced technologies.

Education and Professional Creation Business (SERAKU ECA)

SERAKU ECA operates the Minnano Jonetsu University in order to give people access to classes covering many subjects. In addition, the Technique Training education service allows people with no experience to find employment in the IT sector. These activities help solve the social issues of the education gap and the shortage of people with IT skills. Providing education to people with a diverse array of skills and goals along with helping create communities of these people allows doing jobs by using many different formats.

Corporate Activities

The SERAKU Group has a diverse workforce where everyone has equal opportunities for advancement regardless of age, gender, nationality and other characteristics. In addition, various programs keep employees healthy, which also improves productivity. To create social value, we have a joint research program with the University of Tokyo concerning the forecasting and maximizing employee performance and we have a strong commitment to energizing rural areas of Japan. For example, we have opened offices in the city of Minamishimabara in Nagasaki prefecture and the town of Okuizumo in Shimane prefecture. In addition, we have a rigorous compliance framework for highly transparent management.
By adhering to the management philosophy that has guided our activities since our inception, we are determined to play a role in achieving the SDGs for the creation of a sustainable society.