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Midori Cloud Business


Midori Cloud is agricultural production support system. Midori Cloud monitors Agricultural environmental of green house and uploads measured data(ex. Temperature, CO2 concentration, flux of solar radiation) to our Cloud system. Users use visualized data to improve productivity and quality. Midori Cloud service for primary industry companies exceeded 2,000 units in use. Farm Cloud improves productivity by monitoring the environment of buildings and equipment for pig and poultry farming.

Platform to support agricultural production

IoT device x Cloud service × Data science
A platform for agriculture
Midori Cloud
Use agricultural production data for data-driven agriculture
Used at more than 2,400 locations
In use in all 47 Japanese prefectures
Use agricultural production data for data-driven agriculture

IoT devices measure environmental parameters at an agricultural operation, store data in the Cloud and generate notices of abnormalities.

Production plans and work records

Use PCs and smartphones for production plans and records of work performed. Also facilitates GAP certification and implementation.

Automatic environmental control

Windows, temperature control, ventilation and other items are controlled automatically or remotely via an app.

Data comparisons and analysis

Data are analyzed and compared with data at other locations and AI and machine learning are used to improve production.

A platform for pig and chicken farming
Farm Cloud
Boosts productivity through the visualization of buildings
and equipment for pigs and chickens
Used at 73 locations

Centralized oversight of several buildings raises shipment volumes and earnings

Agriculture and Fisheries solutions for companies and the public sector

Primary industry DX by using agricultural production support platforms and SERAKU technologies

Agricultural production
support platforms

SERAKU technologies

  • ・AI / machine learning
  • ・UI / UX optimization
  • ・System / applications
  • ・Communication/network
  • ・Hardware / IoT


  • Sensing
  • IoT device installation
  • Data collection
  • Use of smart devices to
    record data

Boosts productivity

  • BI tools for visualization
  • Development of UI / UX
  • AI for automation /
    labor-saving measures
  • Control by using the IoT

Improves management

  • Optimization of equipment
    and animal feed
  • Support for receiving certifications
  • Higher efficiency
  • Sales channel optimization

Examples of Agriculture and Fisheries solutions

Asparagus production using smart agriculture technology
The Smart Agriculture Demonstration Project of Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (Minami-Shimabara, Nagasaki)

Smart agriculture provides the visualization of temperature and water supervision for the stability of production.
This also creates a production system that overcomes the harvesting and shipment bottlenecks due to a labor shortage. This project will be used as the guideline for asparagus production that uses smart agriculture technology.

Asparagus farms are a sector that is lagging behind regarding the use of data.
This project is aimed at revolutionizing the asparagus growing business.

Equipment management system using Midori Note
Solutions for major forestry companies

At businesses nationwide the grow tree seedlings, there has been a need for the centralized oversight of production progress and the use of equipment at multiple locations.
SERAKU developed equipment, inventory and other management functions for inclusion in Midori Note to provide this centralized supervision.

These additional functions were developed quickly because
Midori Note already provided a standardized format for production management.

An IoT chicken cage system using Farm Cloud
A solution for a large chicken business

Cages used for raising chickens have sensors and control devices. Connecting these items to SERAKU’s Farm Cloud transforms this cage system into an IoT system.
With Farm Cloud, monitoring and analyzing data are easy. This allows using data to improve chicken farming operations and the collection of eggs.

This technology can convert a legacy cage system into an IoT system quickly and at a low cost.