System Integration

System Integration Business


System Integration provides IT infrastructure and Cloud technologies, digital creative services, web operations,web system development and many other services.Operation and Maintenance of IT infrastructure and IT systems, a continuously cumulative source of sales, is 77% of sum of SI and DX sales. We provides System Integration Service on market sectors with substantial IT needs(Enterprise systems, Financial system, Social systems, Information communication systems).This business model gives us a continuously cumulative profit structure that can adapt with flexibility to changes in the business climate.

IT infrastructure and Cloud technologies

digital creative services

web operations

web system development

Industry-specific IT support

Human resources highly specialized in each industrial area provide IT support.

Financial/social systems

Information communication systems

Enterprise systems


SERAKU’s Competitive Strengths in the System Integration Business
Recruiting skill
  • Recruiting activities that shift people to the growing IT sector (hire people with work experience but no IT experience who have the potential to learn and advance)
  • Recruiting for full-time employees targets new graduates as well as hiring people throughout the year on a nationwide scale
  • Training programs and a lineup of innovative services allows SERAKU to offer attractive career opportunities; up to 2,500 applications are received every month
Training skill
  • The initial training program is structured to place newly hired people in actual projects after only two to three months
  • Practical training that uses the same equipment and environments as for actual projects
  • The SERAKU Jonetsu University is a platform for sharing knowledge and upgrading skills
Sales skill
  • Sales activities are adding more than 100 new customers every year
  • A sound base for relationships with many large system integration firms
  • Customers span many industries and business models that require IT services